World History and Myths of Cats

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This unique book is structured by country, from prehistoric to present times. An effort has been made to revive the soul and ambience of different environments as it evolved over the centuries. The style is intentionally folksy, to reproduce the special sense of humor, puns or poetry of different countries.


“Not only is the wealth of information contained in this book astounding, but it is also presented in a style throughout the pages that is most pleasurable to the reader…This book of encyclopedic stature is unique in its kind. It is a compendium of marvelous history, incorporating excellent scholarship, that should be called a true magnum opus.” – T. Nejat Veziroglu, University of Miami

“The interest of the book is magnified by the fact that the author is broadly traveled, fluent in many languages and an enthusiast of history. Thus, he is superbly equipped to undertake the Herculean task of bringing to life for us with all their flavor and folklore the history and myths of cats throughout the ages and in so many countries.” – René V. Bensasson, Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris

“This volume is a must for ailurophiles everywhere. Elli Kohen’s grasp of his subject is masterful. Not only does he bring his vast appreciation of history, but we cannot but sense the overall breadth of his general culture as well.” – Joseph G. Hirschberg

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. The Prehistoric Cats
2. At Bubastis, City of the Cat Goddess
3. The Cat, a Harbinger of Good Fortune in China
4. Cats of India
5. The Vampire Cat and the Faithful Cat in Tales of Japan
6. Buddhists and Cats
7. The Cats in Italian Myths
8. Cat Myths among the British Druids and the Celts
9. Noah and the Manx Cat
10. The Prophet Mohammed, His Companion and the Kitten
11. The Cat El Broosha that Came Out of Lilith
12. The Cat in Scandinavian and Finnish Mythology. The Cats ofLapland
13. The Cyprus Cat
14. The Cat in the Roman du Renart
15. The Cat in Mediaeval Hebrew Collection of Fables
16. The Cat and the Templars
17. The Cat in Russian Myths
18. The Cat’s Long Trail of Martyrdom
19. Cats in Great Britain
20. La Chatte Blanche, the Tale of Madame D’Aulnoy
21. German Myths and Traditions of Cats
22. Apprentice Printers and Cats
23. The Cats in France
24. Cats and Myths in Hungary and Rumania
25. The Cats of Thailand
26. The Sacred Cats of Burma
27. The Cat among the Malays and Indonesians
28. Cats in Korea
29. Cats in Moslem Egypt
30. Cats in Africa
31. Persian Cats and Cat Stories
32. Turkish Cats
33. Dutch Cats in Paradise
34. The Lynx
35. Cats in USA
36. Caribbean Folklore and Cat Stories
37. The Cat in Latin America and Spanish Folklore
Conclusion; Bibliography; Index

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