Subject Area: Creole

 Sheppard, Sumor
2016 1-4955-0448-4 76 pages
Creole culture is a universal phenomenon which is multicultural by nature. This study provides a comprehensive, international bibliography of Creole cultures and languages with which researchers can further investigate culture formation and national identity cohesion. Starting from Creole cultures of the United States and moving outward to the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the extent of Creole as a national identity becomes apparent. The definition of what constitutes a Creole varies around the world.

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Oriental Poems of Leconte De Lisle
 Ford, Edward
2007 0-7734-5461-6 208 pages
This work offers the first translation of the neglected nineteenth-century French poet, Leconte de Lisle, revealing him to be one of the first and most talented of the multi-culturalists. A creole sage born on the Isle of Reunion in the Indian Ocean, de Lisle spent much of his life in Paris working as the national librarian. His work was respected by the major poets of his day, but his Buddhist sense of detachment caused him to be underappreciated. These poems are his most heartfelt evocations of the Orient and the island of his birth.

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Value Retention among Young Creoles. Attitudes and Commitment of Contemporary Youth
 Woods, Frances Jerome
1989 0-88946-634-3 150 pages
A case history of a Creole people's efforts to establish an identity of their own, to transmit to successive generations the values and attitudes deemed important to the group, and to give their youth - some of whom were labeled "colored" in the Deep South - feelings of belongingness and status. The study concerns a mixed-blood Creole population descended from one couple; the study-population's time-span parallels that of the American nation.

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