Value Retention among Young Creoles. Attitudes and Commitment of Contemporary Youth

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A case history of a Creole people's efforts to establish an identity of their own, to transmit to successive generations the values and attitudes deemed important to the group, and to give their youth - some of whom were labeled "colored" in the Deep South - feelings of belongingness and status. The study concerns a mixed-blood Creole population descended from one couple; the study-population's time-span parallels that of the American nation.


". . . presents penetrating insights into the processes of intergenerational continuity of values and the impact of social change among young members of a Colored Creole population from Louisiana. . . . The author's intergenerational focus offers valuable insights. . . . a thoughtful, stimulating work . . . ." - Lucy M. Cohen, in Scholarly Research and Review

". . . a rich contribution . . . One of the major strengths of the book is the comparative data between Creole youth and the random sample provided by NORC [National Opinion Research Center] data." - Helen Rose Ebaugh, in Scholarly Research and Review

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