What Does Reincarnation Really Mean? The Rebirth of Herbert Richardson Died May 31, 1957 Reborn April 11, 1992 (Softcover)

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This book contains the authors views on the nature of reincarnation, spiritual marriage and family. It speaks to the nature humans have with their ancestral past and how that effects the future.


"… from my study of the history of Christian theology, I knew that several early church fa-thers believed in reincarnation. So, I knew that reincarnation is one of a number of possible Christian explanations about what happens to our soul after death."
From the Introduction

Table of Contents


On Mystical Marriage
On Surrogate Motherhood
On Ancestoral Spirits
On Reincarnation

Letter to Herbie

On Communication
On Overcoming a Handicap

What it Means Practically

To Have a Spiritual Mother
To be Reborn
To Experience One's Ancestors

How I Helped Redeem my Father

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