Well-Being in Education: A Study of Theory and Practice

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Well-being is increasingly of interest of schools and educational policy makers in the UK and beyond. This monograph is a philosophical and empirical enquiry into the relationship between well-being and education and into the nature of a theory and practice of well-being in educational settings.


"... Jenny Fox Eades provides a scholarly and imaginative account of well-being as a way of being, in schools, a part of the fabric of the school, essential to the inter-generational encounter that justifies all schooling. How we (should) think and how we (should) care - for the people and for what we study - are described in all their fascinating complexity. Thanks to this book, well-being can be a lens through which all education can be critiqued, and good education can be encouraged."
Professor Julian Stern,
York St. John University

Table of Contents


Author's Preface

Chapter 1: Introduction: A Contribution to the Theory and Practice of Well-Being in Education

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Chapter 3: The Nature of Well-Being

Chapter 4: A Theory and Practice of educational Well-Being

Chapter 5: An Empirical, Contemplative Methodology

Chapter 6: Empirical Findings

Chapter 7: Discussion of Empirical Findings

Chapter 8: Conclusions



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