Warm Storm

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"Ancient cultures and distant times continue to stir her imagination The word pictures that she conjures are vivid and breathtaking. . . . If you admire poets and poetry, Rochelle Lynn Holt is the angel of your heart. She is the witch of your dreams. Holt lights up your mind with her words, and casts lyrical spells with her themes. Followers of romance and past cultures will be especially enthralled by this new collection." - Susan Sheppard

"Warm Storm weaves Native American myth and the heart's incandescence into a magical reality. Love and hate, memory and loss, independence and need at times flicker, at others, burn." - D. H. Melhem, author of Heroism in the New Black Poetry

"The poet's latest volume is a cause for celebration. One more precious stone in the large mosaic of her work, these inspiring poems represent the continuity of her dedication to the demanding muse of poetry. . . . she uses words the way a painter uses colors or a shaman and healer incantations with the magic of touch. After each poem, the reader reaches a zenith of both mysticism and catharsis. . . . She is a troubadour who sings the mysteries of life." - Chiron Review

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