Une Nouvelle Pratique Littéraire En France: Histoire Du Groupe Oulipo De 1960 À Nos Jours Creating a New French Literary Style: A History of the Oulipo Circle

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The Oulipo’s evolution towards the status of a literary group was gradual. Constraints were key to defining specific collaborative practices. They put language and literature into play. They are based on intertextuality and therefore on erudition. Oulipian literature is open to all forms of written expression, whether literary or not.


“De Bary’s trademark vis-à-vis this dominating intellectual group is that she keeps her analyses at the right distance of the Oulipo productions:… [she] offers powerful and sharp analyses of many specific complex or controversial aspects of Oulipo as a contemporary intellectual and literary group.”
-Professor Jean-Jacques Thomas,
State University of New York

“From the onset, the question posed by Cécile De Bary is both very original and at the same time very open: it questions the link between the Oulipo group and each of the individuals that compose it through fifty years of existence.”
-Professor Eléonore Hamaide-Jager,
Université d’ Artois

“The greatest strength of this book is the author’s depth of field. The Oulipo is comprised of a long list of members, both active and inactive… De Bary references a large number of authors and synthesizes their ‘oulipianness’… she simply and elegantly makes clear that erudition is a characteristic of the group’s authors.”
-Professor Peter Consenstein,
Manhattan Community College and
CUNY Graduate Center, City University NY

Table of Contents

Foreword by Jean-Jacques Thomas
Acquis de la recherche
Objectifs de cette étude

La lente émergence d’un groupe littéraire
Un groupe pluridisciplinaire
Les premiers résultats
« En deçà de la valeur esthétique »
Un succès multiforme
Naissance d’un groupe littéraire
Contre l’avant-garde
Une culture de groupe
Conclusion du premier chapitre

Le texte oulipien
Des textes conditionnellement littéraires
Définition de la contrainte
Difficulté de la contrainte
Combinatoire et contrainte
Lectures de la contrainte
La langue contrainte
L’amour du littéraire
Une littérature ouverte
Conclusion du second chapitre

Index des noms de personnes
Index thématique

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