U.S. Veto and the Polemics of the Question of Palestine in the United Nations Security Council, 1972-2007

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This is the first work of its kind to specifically examine the use of the United States veto in the United Nations Security Council in reference to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Thus, the book fills the void in the historiography and it provides interested parties with a new way of examining a conflict that has recently entered its ninth decade since the publication of the Balfour Declaration.


“The thoroughness of [the author’s] research and the even-handed tone of his narrative ought to ensure that this book will not itself be dismissed as yet another addition to the passion-ridden literature on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” – Wilton B. Fowler, Freeman Foundation Professor of History, The Johns Hopkins University Center, Nanjing, China

“. . . the author convincingly demonstrates that the United States, in order to impose only the peace initiatives it approves in Middle Eastern countries, has skillfully orchestrated to eliminate all discussion of the ‘Palestinian Question’ from the UN Assembly, thus depriving the Palestinians of the possibility of playing even a minor role within the United Nations to determine their own future.” – Jacques G. Ruelland, History Department, University of Montreal

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor Wilton B. Fowler
1 Stepping Stones, 1947-1966
2 A Strained Honeymoon, 1967-1970
3 Veto is a Four-Letter Word, 1970-1974
4 Digging in Their Heels, 1974-1976
5 Human Rights, 1976-1980
6 The Cold War Heats Up, 1980-1984
7 Towards a Unilateral Recognition, 1984-1988
8 Madrian Ties That Bind, 1989-1993
9 The Pax Americana, 1993-2000
10 Peace is Overrated – The Bush Administration to 2007
11 Conclusion
Appendix A – Non-Membership Vetoes by the U.S.
Appendix B – U.S. Vetoes in the Middle East

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