Role of the United Nations in Peace and Security, Global Development and Global Governance

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The various scholarly contributions which make up this volume combine a history of the development of the United Nations with a discussion of some of the most pertinent issues on the international agenda: terrorism, peacekeeping, human rights, and the Millennium Development Goals. This study will appeal to those interested in a comprehensive understanding of the organizational flaws and potential of the United Nations in the twenty-first century.


“This book gives no clear cut answers on how this new collective security challenge can be met by the UN in its current form. Instead it provides the building blocks to form one’s own judgement on the organization’s potential. The book is especially relevant for students and scholars seeking a comprehensive understanding of the organizational flaws and potentials, strengths and weaknesses of the UN-organization.” - Isa Baud, Vice President, European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes

“This book’s main attraction lies in the fact that its authors have so many different relations with the UN. It brings together renowned scholars, politicians and practitioners; those studying the UN, those shaping the system and those that have to work with the outcomes of the political power wrangling.” - Dr. Barbara Oomen, Associate Professor of Law, Roosevelt Academy, University of Utrecht at Middleburg

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Foreword by Isa Baud
Part I - A Tribute to Sergio Vieira de Mello (1948 - 2003)
1 Their Dignity Will Be Mine, as It Is Yours - Sergio Vieiro de Mello
2 Introduction: Sergio Vieiro de Mello; The Embodiment of UN Ideals - Michaela Hordijk
3 United Nations in a Divided World: Predicaments and Prospects - Michaela Hordijk
Part II - United Nations: International Peace and Security
4 September 11th and Challenges to International Law - Nico Schrijver
5 Military Ethics in Peacekeeping and in War: Maintaining Moral Integrity in a World of Contrast and Confusion - Ted A. van Baarda
6 Human Security - Donna J. Winslow
7 The United Nations and Human Rights: A Practitioner’s Perspective - Henk C. van der Kwast
Part III - United Nation: Development
8 Marginalization in an Era of Globalization - Mansoob Murshed
9 Human Rights and the Millennium Development Goals - Emanuel de Kadt
10 The United Nations and the Urban Environment: Local Agenda 21 in Peru from a Practitioner’s Perspective - Liliana Miranda Sara
Part IV - The United Nations and Global Governance
11 Great Expectations: The United Nations and the Role of Youth in Global Policy Making - Anna Chojnacka
12 The United States and the United Nations - Dick A. Leurdijk
13 United Nations: Changes, Challenges, Chances - Jan Pronk

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