Top Secret: Lubianka to Stalin on the State of the Nation (1922-1923) Volume One, Part 2 (1923)

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Unprecedented publication by the Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Sciences, revealing the newly declassified materials from the Central Archives of the Federal Security Service of Russia, which provide an unparalleled coverage of totalitarian development in the Soviet Union.
This fundamental publication of documents — informational digests and reports of the OGPU— is unique in its scholarly significance, value, subject matter and magnitude. For years these papers were kept under wraps in tight secrecy in the Central Archives of the Security Service of the Russian Federation. This historical source reveals a vast perspective of social, political and economic life of the country in its variety. The main accent is on the society's state of body and soul, the workers', peasants', intellectuals', and clergy's opinions of the powers that be. It documents the story of a forced collectivisation of agriculture, various parties' activities, national movements in Republics, the state of the Armed Forces, the plight of the Church and the methods of its persecution, the popular action against the Government's moves, the struggle of working masses for improving their living conditions. The publication unearths OGPU's own system of information organization, its level of perfection and its main fields of interest.
This rich, diverse and complex body of documents and other materials enables researchers to arrive at novel conceptual judgments with regard to cardinal problems of Soviet Society and the State in the 1920s. In Russian

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