Great Russian Historian M. Rostovtsev in the Usa the Years of Exile

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This is the definitive edition on the life and creative work of the great Russian historian of antiquity, philologist-classicist and archaeologist, Michael Rostovtsev, written by the world-renowned historian G. M. Bongard-Levin. The book covers the American period of his life (1920-1952) and reveals its many dramatic dimensions. It also focuses on the great scientific achievements of Academician Rostovtsev, as well as the scientific school he created at Yale University.


Based on never-before-published archival materials from United States, Russia, France, Great Britain, Germany, it contains insights about life at American Universities, the collaboration of this great Russian historian with well-known American scientists, his political views and his relations with the scientists with whom he worked in Russia. The author is an Academician of the Russian Academy of Science and Chairman of the Center for Studies of the Ancient Civilizations, Institute of World History.

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