Thirteen Humorous Very Short Stories by Arkady Averchenko (1881-1925)

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Dr. Kozak collects 13 short humorous stories by Russian author, Arkady Averchenko. They make light of the sad and hard conditions of post World War I Europe and Russia.


"In this representative collection of Averchenko's short stories, the laconic and concise style and use of mostly brief and pertinent dialogue makes for easy reading and comprehension in either language, be it Russian or English. It had been indeed an honor and pleasure to render the author's style into English." From the Translator's Introduction

Table of Contents

Averchenko's Humor Rediscovered: The Translator's Introduction

Brief Biographical Sketch of Arkady Timofeyevich Averchenko (1881-1925)

About the Translator

Antique Excavations
Beregov, Kisya's Tutor
Dodya's Pancakes
A Heart under a Scalpel
A Noble Girl
An Attraction of the Heart
Razor in the Pudding
The Magnet
The Mermaid
An Autobiography

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