G. K. Chesterton as Controversialist, Essayist, Novelist and Critic

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Explores the link between G.K. Chesterton's style and characteristic arguments and the political, ideological and artistic changes of the early twentieth century which continue to shape our lives. The complex effects of the Modernist Revolution and conflicts within Liberalism found in Chesterton and attentive and highly intelligent observer, able to perceive and diagnose the coming crisis.


“…Coates looks at Chesterton within his historical context, arguing that many of the Edwardian problems are still present….In chapter 4, Coates distinguishes between the types of essays Chesterton wrote and puts those of Tremendous Trifles (1909) in the tradition of the Romantic essayists. As literary criticism this chapter is Coates’s best, handling well the tone and structure of five essays….it is a valuable study of Chesterton’s role in the Edwardian milieu. Recommended for large libraries supporting study at the upper-division undergraduates level and above.” - CHOICE

“Among the few really fine books written about G. K. Chesterton none is finer than John Coates’ Chesterton and the Edwardian Cultural Crisis (1984). My very high opinion of his work led me to have great expectations for his new one. I have not been disappointed. . . Coates’ sophisticated consideration of the new mythologies is one of the chief attractions of his study.” – Joseph Schwartz

“This is a most distinguished work, greatly informative with respect to its subject and the world of ideas in which he moved. . . This is a volume to reflect great credit on subject, author and publishers.” – Owen Dudley Edwards

“[Coates’] style is a model of academic prose at its best, lucid, elegant and witty. He comes across as a widely read and discerning critic.” – Robin Headlam Wells

"Represents one of the most important studies of Chesterton yet to appear." -- SEVEN

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Introduction
1. Chesterton and the Modernist Cultural Context
2. Chesterton and the Speaker: The Political Formation of a Style
3. Chesterton and the Edwardian Novel of Ideas
4. Chesterton and the Essay Form
5. Chesterton as a Literary Critic
Conclusion; Bibliography; Index

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