Theological Method of Stanley J. Grenz: Constructing Evangelical Theology From Scripture, Tradition, and Culture

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This book examines Canadian theologian Stanley J. Grenz’s proposed model for evangelical theological construction. This model utilizes scripture, tradition and culture as the sources for theology, and has the Trinity, community, and eschatology as its focal motifs.


“…is a marvelous contribution to evangelical theology. It is a sensitive and insightful study of Grenz’s theological method. It is brilliantly structured to present both an overview and focused analyses of Grenz's theology.” - Prof. Jonathan R. Wilson, Carey Theological College
“…this book gives new life and direction to the re-envisioning and new imagination of Evangelical Theology. It is highly readable, insightful and invites its readers to engage with the task it explores.” -Dr. Frank Rees, Whitley College

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