The Woodbury County, Iowa Community Drug Court, 1999-2008

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This study documents the history and formation of a community panel drug court in Woodbury County, Iowa. This model is shown to be one of the most successful and low cost options for dealing with non-violent offenders with substance abuse problems.


“Dr. Vick’s statistical analysis identifies certain factors that seem to correlate with a participant’s success or failure in completing the drug court program.” - Judge John Ackerman, State of Iowa

“This book surveys the Woodbury County Community Drug Court in Iowa in clear, concise detail. One can take the model and build a program and implement it in any community open to alternative methods of effectively dealing with mounting drug statistics . . .” - Prof. Claudia Stuart, West Texas A&M University

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Chapter 1: History of Drug Courts
Chapter 2: Literature Review
Chapter 3: Data Collection
Chapter 4: Juvenile Data Analysis and Results
Chapter 5: Data Analysis and Results among Adults
Chapter 6: Impact of Community Panel Drug Court Judges on Panel Members
Chapter 7: Community-Panel Drug Courts from the Clients’ Perspective
Chapter 8: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Woodbury County, Iowa’s Community-Panel Drug Court Program
Chapter 9: Discussion and Recommendations
Chapter 10: Creating a Community-Panel Drug Court in Other Communities
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