Critical Legal Study of Solutions to Domestic Violence Among Black Male-Female Couples

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Based on real-life cases from courts relating to how justice is applied to Black men and women. It illustrates how the law works differentially to fulfill the aims of the greater society as opposed to those it is purported to serve. The demographic features of race and class undermine the specified purposes of the law and interfere with its original functions when invoked to protect the African-American female. When directed at the African-American male, it serves a divisive function which further alienates him both from society and family.


“. . . introduces us to the ins and outs of physical abuse cases as they relate to Black women and men. This is especially important since minimal is known about the abuse Black women and men face, let alone how these cases are handled with the legal system. . . . provides with an insight into what happens when Black couples go to court and how they are treated not only by the legal system but also by the opposing party (in and outside of the court). . . an important book for those who work with abused women and men, especially those who work with Black women.” – LaVerne Grant

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Preface
1. Theoretical orientation to Critical Legal Practice
Black Women as Battered: One Side of Domestic Violence
2. Divorce as Solution
3. Temporary Protection as Solution
4. Criminal Prosecution as Solution I
5. Separate Maintenance as Solution
Black Men as Beaten: Another Side of Domestic Violence
6. Criminal Prosecution as Solution II
7. Conclusion
Index, Bibliography

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