The Cry of Black Rage in African American Literature from Frederick Douglass to Ta-Nehisi Coates

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This monograph is an expanded edition of Dr. Steven Moore’s The Cry of Black Rage in African American Literature, expanding the scholarly developments to the Age of Trump.


“This very fine study of Black rage in literature by male and female African American writers over a century of time and prior to the civil rights movement is a major contribution to our understanding of African American literature and life. Pairing one male and one female writer from three historical movements, slavery, the New Negro Movement, and World War II – Dr. Steven T. Moore demonstrates the destructive impact of racism on Black characters from 1845 to 1945 within a framework of silence of white silence.”
Dr. Maureen Honey,
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Table of Contents

Foreword by Maureen Honey



“Get Over It”

Chapter 1: Examining a Century of Silence and Rage in African American Literature, 1865-1946

Chapter 2: Silent Trees: Personal Reflections on Silence and Rage

Chapter 3. Witnessing the Birth of Black Rage in Frederick Douglass’s Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave and Harrit Ann Jacob’s Incidents in the Life of Slave Girl

Chapter 4: The Phenomenon of Biracial Rage in Charle Chesnutt’s The House Behind the Cedars (1900) and Nella Larsen’s Quicksand (1928) and Passing (1929)

Chapter 5: Exploring the Explosive Urban Rage in Richard Wright’s Native Son (1940) and Ann Petry’s The Street(1946)

Chapter 6: Black Rage in the Age of Trump: Personal and Scholarly Reflections on this Present-Day Anger



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