The Theater of Galdós -- Realidad, 1892

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This new annotated edition of the great Spanish writer Galdós' first staged play, Realidad, marks the centary of its début in 1892. The compromise to which the new dramatist was subjected in the creative process is traced through the text by reference to the four sets of manuscripts conserved in the Casa-Museo in Las Palmas. Much of the confusion and apparent contradiction found in the published text of this ambitious play is thus clarified, and its latent dimensions revealed.


"Given the lack of editions of individual plays by Galdós, her latest work is indeed welcome. . . . Addressed to a specialist audience, Condé's volume contains an introduction, notes to the text and a very useful bibliography of contemporary reviews, more recent critical work on Realidad, and studies of Galdós's theatre. . . . The real value of her volume lies in her insightful textual analysis. . . . This critical study of Realidad gives valuable insight into the process of Galdós's emergence as a successful playwright." - Anales Galdosianos

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