The Secret Agreement Between Franco and Hitler that Allowed Jews to Escape through Spain: An Unknown Chapter in History

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This is a study of the role of Spain and Franco in the Holocaust with an aim to trace the relationship between Franco and Hitler during the Second World War. ...Hitler supported Franco during the Spanish Civil War, so it is surprising that Franco did not join Hitler in the war against the Allies. Hitler met Franco on the French border in 1940, but while a treaty was signed it was never implemented. Why? The evidence is in the diplomatic correspondence between the AXIS powers, Allies and Franco. -from the Author's "Prologue One"

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Some Background
Jews of Spain
War in Morocco
Francisco Franco, Spanish Head of State
Jews and the Rise of Nazism: From Expulsion to Extermination
The Story of the St. Lewis
Chapter 2: Crossing the Ocean Sea
Varian Fry and Paul Hagen
Fry, Hagen, and Roosevelt
The Vichy Note
Support by the Allies
Chapter 3: AXIS Involvement
AXIS Attempts Agreement with Spain
Franco and Hitler Correspond
Franco, Spain, and the Americans
Neutral Ships
Chapter 4: Emigration, Operation Felix, and Franco's Refusal
Operation Felix
British and Americans Aid Franco
Emigration to New York
Franco Rejects German Help
Chapter 5: Nazi Attack on Russia: Genocide and the Story of the Navemar
The Allies and Spain Renew Relations
Chapter 6: Decline of Emigration
Talks Between Spain and Germany
Ships to New York
Spain Remains Neutral
Chapter 7: Concluding Remarks
Changes in Spanish Policy: 1939-1945
Timeline and References

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