The Samaritan Version of the Book of Numbers with Hebrew Viariants: A Close Textual Study

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This book provides the critical Hebrew text of Numbers circa 600BCE along with a coherent English translation that visually shows off all the autograph differences from the traditional text. The purpose of giving the lexicon form and the grammar of all variant Hebrew words, and their manuscript sources, is to allow access to everyone who wants an analysis of the Hebrew language.


“Because all previous translations have been based on severely flawed texts that are not understood, literal phrases marked by semi-colons have become the norm for English editions…Entire chapters of Numbers quote the direct speech of the deity of Judeo-Christian culture…Ultimately, the Hebrew should be expressed in clear English sentences.”
-Professor David L. Phillips,

Table of Contents

1,1-36,13 Numbers:
Hebrew Variants and English Translation
The Schism Passages
Go to the mountain of the Amorites.
12,16b Go as far as the mountain of the Amorites.
13,33b We even saw the sons of giants there.
14,41 Tell them! Do not climb up and fight.
20,13b That Good Mountain.
Your brothers, the sons of Esau.
21,12a I have given ‘Aar to be the property.
21,13a I have given the property to the sons of Lot
21,21a SIYYON the Amorite, the king of Heshbon.
21,21b The sons of Esau who live on Sha’er.
21,23b Begin the conquest of his land!
27,23b Yahweh your God will protect you.
31,21a Moses said to Elaazar the priest.
Appendices of variant Words
L. Samaritan Hebrew Attested in the Greek Old Testament
M. Samaritan Hebrew Attested in MT Manuscripts
U. Samaritan Hebrew Unattested

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