The Problem of Circumcision: Sexual, Social, and Theological Issues

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Dr. Wilson postulates that Jesus, the Second Adam, should have not been circumcised. This leads to a detailed analysis of biblical history, beginning with Abraham and continuing with Judah and Tamar, Moses and Zipporah, even Jesus' family, looking at the context in which circumcision arose and how it might have been possible to end that practice prior to Jesus' advent.


"Yet, God ordained circumcision for the Jews, with the consequence that even His Son was circumcised. How can the circumcision of Jesus, which was tantamount to the circumcision of God Himself, be reconciled with God's aforementioned purpose as creator? This is the central problematic that I explore in this [book], which examines circumcision from the perspectives of human sexuality, theology, and the Bible."
From the Introduction

Table of Contents



1. The Problem of Circumcision

2. God's Ideal of Love and the Sexual Organs

3. Circumcision: An Impediment to Love

4. The Problem of Jesus' Circumcision

5. Abraham's Circumcision

6. Moses and Zipporah: The Circumcision to Save Moses' Life

7. Failure to Shield Jesus from Circumcision

8. Modern Developments



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