The Philosophy of Lao Tzu: The Text and Commentary on the Tao Te Ching

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This book is a English translation of a classical Chinese Taoist text, the Tao te Ching, which is considered a fun-damental text in Taoist philosophy and religion. It was written by Lao Tzu, a mysterious figure whose actual identity is heavily debated. The text of the Tao te Ching is included alongside Dr. Kaye’s commentary.


"This is not intended to be an historical study of the life and times of Lao Tzu, nor a tracing of influence upon deified figures in the pan-theon of Continental Philosophy, but rather an exegesis, an interpretation, a way of perhaps, deconstructing, “buggering”, laying out new concepts that could only arise in the context of such impossible spaces. The wonders of the archives we now have available that were once unavailable in human history. … My goal is to create a new materialism through crossing historical plateaus."

Table of Contents


Tao te Ching

Dharma Practices: Be Still and Move the Waters

What is Dharma

Chapter 1: Unity-Minded

Chapter 2: Autonomy, Love and the Commons


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