The John Marsh Journals: The Life and Times of a Gentleman Composer (1752-1828), Vol. 1, Revised Edition

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"Until relatively recently the extensive Journals (History of my Private Life) maintained throughout almost his entire life by the English gentleman composer John Marsh (1752-1828) were known only to a small circle of musical historians. ...This present volume represents an attempt to bring Marsh's vibrant world to the wider attention of both scholars and a more general readership. ...I [have concentrated] primarily, although far from exclusively, on Marsh's interests in music, an approach one hopes would have met with the approval of the author himself."

-Brian Robins, editor

This book was originally published by Pendragon Press in 2011.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Brian Robins

Chapter One
The Early Years 1752-1768
Chapter Two
Greenwich & Gosport 1765-1768
Chapter Three
Attorney's Apprentice 1768-1770
Chapter Four
King Bench Attorney 1774-1776
Chapter Five
Marriage-London and Romsey 1774-1776
Chapter Six
A Musical City-Salisbury 1776-1778
Chapter Seven
The End of an Era-Salisbury 1779-1780
Chapter Eight
Inheritance-Salisbury 1781-1783
Chapter Nine
The Country Squire-Nethersole 1783-1784
Chapter Ten
Whither? -Nethersole 1785-1786
Chapter Eleven
Interrungnum-Canterbury 1786-1787
Chapter Twelve
Chichester 1787-1788
Chapter Thirteen
Chichester 1789-1790
Chapter Fourteen
Chichester 1791-1792
Chapter Fifteen
Chichester 1793-1794
Chapter Sixteen
Chichester 1795
Chapter Seventeen
Chichester 1796
Chapter Eighteen
Chichester 1797-1798
Chapter Nineteen
Chichester 1799-1800
Chapter Twenty
Chichester 1800-1801
Appendix-Pages from Marsh's Journals
Select Bibliography
General Index
Index of Compositions and Literary Works by John Marsh

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