The First Post-Modernist Poets-- Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson. A New Way of Reading Classic Texts

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This work demonstrates how Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson utilized postmodern literary devices in constructing their poetry and why, therefore, they should be considered the first postmodern poets. It demonstrates how Poe and Dickinson are not merely influences on postmodern poets, but they should be considered postmoderns based on their use and implementation of postmodern literary devices.


"Working backwards in time allows students to see more effectively how truly innovative and forward-thinking the literary great were, anticipating styles and ideas that were to come later."
--Carol Waterhouse, Professor English at California University of Pennsylvania

The study focuses on the contributions made by Poe and Dickinson in the creation, establishment, and continuation of postmodern esthetics. Using both Poe and Dickinson as models, this study demonstrates their contributions to the postmodern movement and how their influence is still relevant today.
--Dr. John Dellicarpini,

[This book] offers readers of any generation a fresh look at two poets who helped move American poetry into the twentieth century and beyond.
--Frederick S. Lapisardi, Professor Emeritus, Caliifornia University of Pennsylvania

Table of Contents


Author's Preface


Chapter One: Rethinking the Postmodern

Chapter Two: The Ojective Subjective: Poe's Use of the Presenting and Deconstructing Universal Concepts

Chapter Three: Subjective Solitude: The Poetry of Emily Dickinson

Chapter Four: Connecting the Past with the Present




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