The Beheading Game, It's Sources and Transmissions: From Early Irish Literature to Arthurian Romance (8 X 10 Oversized soft cover)

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This is an oversized (8 x 10), softcover book.

"There has not been a recent full-scale scholarly work concerned with the transmission of the beheading-game motif from Irish to Arthurian traditions.... [The present work] is focused on three main points of research: (1) The comparison of the several beheading-game narratives in order to assert their points of connection along with their differences; (2) The analysis of the possibility that Wales functioned as the intermediary between Irish tradition and the English and Continental milieus; (3) The tracing of subsequent channels of transmission of Irish motifs from the possible intermediary to England and the Continent." -from the author's Introduction

Table of Contents

Chapter I: The Beheading-Game Narratives
1.1 The Arthurian Beheading-Game Narratives
1.2 Fled Bricrenn: The Irish Beheading Game
1.3 The Problematic of the Sources
1.4 Previous Approaches to the Matter of the Beheading Game
Chapter II: Wales as the First Channel of Irish Transmission
2.1 The Possibility of Direct Transmission
2.2 The Context of Medieval Welsh Literature
2.3 The Difficulty in Tracing Irish Influence in Welsh Sources
2.4 The Elegy on Cu Roi mac Daire and the Taliesin Tradition
2.5 Gwynedd as the Welsh Centre for the Transmission of Irish Motifs
Chapter III: Transmission to the Continent and to England
3.1 Wales in Post-Norman Britain and the Rise of Arthurian Literature in Anglo-Norman and Continental Culture
3.2 Possible Insular Sources for Continental Arthurian Traditions
3.3 The Role of Breton Storytellers in the Transmission of Arthurian Tales
3.4 The Transmission of the Beheading Game

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