Of Love and Madness / Para Ahogar Un Loco Amor (1993): An Historical Novel About Córdoba, Argentina by Reyna Carranza, Translated from the Spanish with an Introduction by Graciela Lucero-Hammer

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The first English translation of Reyna Carranza’s historical novel of dynastic decline in twentieth-century Argentina.


“Writers have always been among the first to intuit that silenced stories need to be told, and that ugly secrets kept undercover by individuals and families oftentimes are a metaphor for the collective crimes of a nation.” – Prof. Fernando Reati, Georgia State University

“The question of the role of madness recurs throughout the novel, while the narrative presents and deconstructs violent stories of power and abuse within a patriarchal family from Córdoba and the text dismantles myths associated with the literary male tradition.” – Prof. Susana Chas, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba

Table of Contents

Foreword by Prof. Fernando Reati, Georgia State University
1. The Beginning of Madness
2. From Rolanda Ferraz Papers
3. The Forbidden Land
4. The Other Bernar
5. Toward the End of December
6. January
7. February
8. The Dark Plot
9. A young Woman in the Mirror
10. The Last Secret
11. The Crimes that Were Not
12. Rolanda Afterwards

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