The Art Songs of Giuseppe Verdi: A Catalog of Texts and a Musiological Analysis

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Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi was one of the most successful opera composers of the nineteenth century. His operas, including Rigoletto, La traviata, and Otello, are still frequently performed in opera houses around the world. In comparison, his 27 art songs are far less known and rarely performed. This guide examines Verdi's 26 published art songs to highlight their profound musical and historical value and to encourage the study and performance of these pieces. The songs are discussed in terms of their composition and publication history and musical and text analyses, including examination of melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, text, and form.


"Dr. Brewer's carefully researched and Thorough analysis of the art songs by Verdi provides a necessary resource for voice teachers, singers, and those who are interested in studying Verdi's music. The book examines art songs that offer pedagogical benefit as well as artistic opportunities for singers of various experience and maturity levels and expends the repertoire scope of voice teachers and singers. Her description of Verdi's style and the comparisons by different composers are fascinating and easy to understand, and her concise and organized song descriptions make the book easy to navigate."
Professor Mei Zhong,
Ball State University

"This thorough, yet totally approachable guide shines a much-needed light on Verdi's sadly all too little-known art songs. Dr. Brewer has done voice culture a great service by championing in such an effective way this addition to the canon literature works which this addition to the canon of literature works which are both pedagogically useful and artistically satisfying."
Professor Fritz Robertson,
Anderson University

Table of Contents

Chapter I

Purpose of Project
Definition of Terms

Chapter II

Verdi's Art Songs
Musical and Text Analysis
Comparisons of Art Songs to Arias
Development of the Guide
Guide Categories
Chapter Summary

Chapter III

The Art Songs of Giuseppe Verdi
Non t'accostare all'una
More, Elisa, lo stanco poeta
In solitaria stanza
Nell'orror di notte oscura
Perduta ho la pace
Deh, pietoso, oh Addolorata
La seduzione
Chi i bei di m'adduce ancora
Cupo e il sepolcro e mutolo
E la vita un mar d'affanni
Il tramonto
La zingara
Ad una stella
Lo spazzacamino
Il mistero
Brindisi 1
Brindisi 2
Il poveretto
Al tuo bambino
Sgombra, o gentil
La preghiera del poeta
Il brigidino
Pieta, Signor

Chapter IV

Song Forms
Vocal Range
Recommendations for Future Research
Wider Availability of Scores



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