Texas Oil and the New Deal Populist Corruption

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While ostensibly a study of the development of the prorationing system in Texas in the 1930s, this book develops the concept of “Populist Corruption” to describe the utilization of populist symbols and ideology to support the pursuit of private self-interest, especially in the development of American economic policy. It examines the conflict between the greatest industry of 20th-century American capitalism and how populist symbolism was used to subvert populist goals.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. Texas Political Culture: Origins; Roots of Populism in Texas; Creation of the Texas Railroad Commission; Texas Progressives and Texas Politics
2. The Oil Industry on the Eve of Prorationing: Oil and Texas 1900-1930; Wildcatters; US Oil Industry after WWI
3. Texas and National Oil Policy before the Deluge: Texas Oil Policy; National Oil Policy; Oil Industry in 1930; Establishment of State Wide Proration in Texas
4. The Opening of the East Texas Oil Field: Great Depression and Texas; Discover and Early Development of the East Texas Oil Field; Initial Response to the East Texas Field; The Special Session
5. Dealing with East Texas: Martial Law in East Texas; Hot Oil; National Oil Policy; Oil Policy Debate of 1932
6. Texas Politics and Oil 1932-33: The 1932 Texas Elections; Oil Control Legislation in Texas 1932-33
7. The New Deal and Oil: National Policy in 1933; National Industrial Recovery Act and the Oil Industry; East Texas and the NRA; Texans, Washington and Oil Legislation
8. The Final Chapter in Oil Control: The 1934 Governor’s Race; Putting the Lid on East Texas; The Final Chapter; The Hot Oil Investigation
9. Texas, Oil and the Nation: 1934-70: Aftermath; Oil and Texas Politics

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