THE BRAIN SCIENCE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Basic Ideas of Behavioral and Cognitive Economics

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Behavioral economy is an emerging field. This book gives a psychological insight into several areas in the field of economy, management and business administration by entwining it with the field of brain science. This approach will help the reader to look at brand new ways of doing business and managing companies, preparing a production team, organizing projects and implementing business ventures in the competitive economic and financial business landscapes of today.


“The author here provides a vibrant insight into the behavioral economy using knowledge from neuroscience. The brain is a network of communication and the way each node in the network communicates with each other in a unique way to facilitate our thoughts and actions is a fascinating story told by the author… Such knowledge, no doubt adds a zest to the professional development and management. The author interlaced knowledge from different disciplinary fields – economics, pedagogy, leadership, brain science and psychology. Such an interdisciplinary outlook that cross-fertilize ideas give a new thinking fear for leaders, middle managers as well as students from field of economy and business administration. One ought to pay more attention to areas that are not working well, the author conscientiously accomplished this task with striking consistency in a powerful way. She was once one of my diligent students and later joined my research team at the department of international education at Stockholm University before she became a full time writer, academic consultant and successful entrepreneur.”
-Professor Vinayagum Chinapah,
Stockholm University

“This work provides a new thinking fear how to manage companies, public offices, institutes by using revolutionary findings from neuroeconomics.”
-Professor Vinayagum Chinapah,
Stockholm University

“The behavioral economy is an applied discipline which involves the scientific study of economic behavior, communication, organization culture, leadership and management and Dr. De Silva analyses these topics with the help of brain science and brings a fresh knowledge to the academia as well as to the field of economics. A must read book for every economic student and one all libraries must have in their shelves.”
-Professor Verdiana Masanja,
University of Rowanda

“This writing works as a guide book for those who hold public office, students who study political economy, marketing and management and also anyone intending to develop their profession in these fields. The scientific narratives analysed in the book describes Neuroeconomy in an interesting way, without having to slow down when encountering technical jargons.”
-Vice President of Liberia, Josephy Boakai,
Monrovia, Liberia

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor Vinayagum Chinapah
Chapter 1
Introduction: Behavioral Economics
The Emotional and Cognitive Mediation for Business
Management Practices Grounded in the Reality of Economic Rationality
Can We Act Rational by Being Emotional?
Chapter 2
The Brain Science and Behavioral Economics
How Mind Realizes in the Brain
Neural Pathways, Connectives and Forming of the Mind
Brain Plasticity for New Thinking Fears for Leaders
Turning Destructive Emotions to Constructive Ones
Right Attitude with Right Emotion: the best Cocktail
Chapter 3
Robust Knowledge Base for a Robust Brain
The Secret of Being an Expert
Knowledge, Emotions, Algorithms and Brain Power
Strategically Disposed Leaders
Chapter 4
The Brain base of Cognitive Economy
Daniel Kahneman’s Duo System of the Mind
Organize the Brain to Expand Your Personality
The Brain of a Work-Addict and a Sex-Addict
Box Mentality and Cognitive Ease (Lazy Brain)
Three Musketeers for Cognitive Economy
Chapter 5
The Cognitive Economy in Practice
Deconstruction of Cortical Memories
Experiences Create Patterns in the Brain
The Attention, Perception and Trust
Perceptual Gears to Enhance Your Leadership Qualities
The Social Cost Eats up Your Profit: Nordic Example
Chapter 6
Risk Inclination and Risk Management
Companies and Organizations Must Exist in Motion
How Not to Fall into Financial Euphoria
A Psychology of the Herding Effect
Chapter 7
Neuroeconomy and Analytical Psychology
Institution for Professional Life as per Carl Jung
Nurturing the Right Balance as a Leader
Empathy and Compassion for Team Building
Chapter 8
Power of Communicative Brain
Communication is an Aptitude as Well as an Attitude
Global Intelligence and Intercultural Communication
Leadership Failures
People do not Leave Jobs They Leave Bad Bosses
Mirror Neurons to Enhance Management Qualities
Using Our Commonalities to Arouse Motivation
Chapter 9
The Brain’s Inbuilt Reward System
System Thinking and Game Theory of John Nast
How to Deal with limitations at Work Place
Richard Dawkins of the Selfish Gene
Chapter 10
Economic Behind Emotions
Economics of Emotions in Customer Service
Right Orientation in State of the Arty in Business
It is Axiomatic to Draw on own Set of Principle
Low Productivity in the Western Countries
Competition or Contribution that Stirs Celebration
Chapter 11
Overly Positive People and Research on Overconfidence
Remedies for Overconfidence
Some Habits and Watch Out for Them
Chapter 12
Business Psychology to Improve Innovative Marketing Strategies
How to Approach Consumers Subliminal Mind
Value System Encapsulated in Consumer Behavior
Mindfulness for Company Executives

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