The End of Economic Growth: What Does It Mean for American Society?

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This work examines the intersection between economics and social philosophy. It takes its impetus from the economic events of 2008-2009 which deeply affected the destiny of both the United States and the rest of the world. While the political establishment of most of the major powers see the ensuing economic recession as a particulate event soon to be overcome, many thinkers view what has transpired both economically and socially as a major break in the optimistic growth vision of a world civilization, given the regnant political, social, and, most important, ideological perspectives for the future of humankind.


“This work sets forth an intellectual map for the larger policy alterations that must be made if we are ever to see our hopes for a worldwide egalitarian balance of humans living decent middle-class styles of life, in harmony with the nature that produced them. We eventually must face down the dual issues of demographic suffocation, as well as our Western intellectual incapacity to deal with factual reality, economics as well as politics. At the center of our quest must be the dream of high culture. Only then will we achieve the scientific, secular vision that the pragmatists and the neo-Kantians had hoped would enfilade every corner of the human domain.”

"Itzkoff's analysis is based largely on an evolutionary adaptive model, and he deals fearlessly with issues of ethnic and racial differences and their social consequences." - Dr. Stanley Rothman, Smith College

Table of Contents

1. Our Economy: Down for the Count?
2. The Fossil Energy Age Ends: Facts and Inferences
3. Utopia Interdict
4. Subsidizing Poverty
5. Our Problem: Material and Mental
6. The Irrelevancy of Origins
7. National Suicide: “The Great Society”
8. America: A Classless Society
9. A Lesson from the Jews
10. Futures
11. Our Bio-Social Destiny

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