Teatro Argentino: La DirecciÓn Teatral En Buenos Aires

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This work examines the hermeneutic work of theater directors as artists, a rarely considered aspect of contemporary theater in Argentina. In Spanish.


“The originality of Cabrera’s study lies in the way in which it centers on the role of the director in the theater produced in Buenos Aires in such a way that the Argentine-style theater produced outside Buenos Aires, in Argentina itself or outside the country, remains many times excluded, suggesting that it is also important to study the theater of foreign authors just as much as those of Argentines due to their equal role in “Argentine theater. . . . Taking as a starting point the decade of the 90s in Buenos Aires—a tremendous and fateful period because of the combination of the extension into this decade of re-democratization and the rationed resources due to economic expansion—Cabrera systematically examines the productions of outstanding directors, both the huge names of the national Argentine stage and the newcomers that are just starting to leave their mark on this period.” – Prof. David William Foster, Arizona State University

“Cabrera’s careful and meticulous review of the 1990s directors, productions, and criticism reveals that some of the directors in Buenos Aires embraced Theatricalism in a number of different and sometimes seemingly contradictory ways. Some created distortions, geographical or temporal translations for their audiences, or encouraged open interpretation. Others strove for authentic reconstructions or political mediations. . . . Cabrera explains that the fact that no one style of directing dominated the 1990s theatrical scene in Buenos Aires is revelatory of the incompatible stresses to which the arts (theater included) were subjected by the pluralism and consumerism of neo-liberal politics and economics.” – Prof. Kenya C. Dworkin y Méndez, Carnegie Mellon University

“[The author’s] research is focused on the analysis of the role of the theater director, and through that analysis Cabrera creates a theoretical model and methodology on how it should be studied.” – Prof. José Castro Urioste, Purdue University

Table of Contents

Prefacio by David William Foster
1. La puesta en escena en la Argentina de los 90s
2. Teatralismo: una diversidad de puestas en escena
3. El teatro de la imagen
4. Teatro de grupos / Teatro de creación colectiva

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