Volume 4

A valuable examination of the artistry of the puppet stage, past and present. The Puppetry Yearbook creates a forum for new scholarship, as well as critical examinations of the growing number of international and multicultural artists and groups turning to puppets as a profound symbol that can both represent and transcend its human model.
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Table of Contents

Current: Volume 4
1.Among Deities, Priests and Shamans: Puppets within ritual (Henryk Jurkowski)
2.Puppets and the Work of Stanislaw Wypsianski (Henryk Jurkowski)
3.Pirandello and Fo: Fool/Puppet Masters (James Fisher)
4. Asian Theatrical Traditions Transformed in Contemporary Western Puppet Theatre (Jane McMahan)
5.The Big Man and the Puppeteer: A Transcultural Morality Tale from West Java, Indonesia (Matthew Isaac Cohen)
6. Observations upon the Work of A Contemporary Dalang: Bali, Indonesia 1999 (Bradford Clark)
7. The Masks and Puppets of Julie Taymor: Spiritual Fictions (Nancy L. Staub)
8. Puppet Theatre in the Dutch Speaking Part of Belgium (Freek Neirynck)
9. Applied Relativity .c2. Relativity; and the Puppet Play: An Abstract Guide to Animation, Manipulation and Communication in the Theater of the Puppet (G. A. Lane)
10.Ancient Old Wives’ Tale or the Story of Two Roses (G. A. Lane)