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A valuable examination of the artistry of the puppet stage, past and present. The Puppetry Yearbook creates a a forum for new scholarship, as well as critical examinations of the growing number of international and multicultural artists and groups turning to puppets as a profound symbol that can both represent and transcend its human model.

Table of Contents

Volume 3

Art, Technology and Communication in Animated Theater (Ana Maria Amaral); Tradition and Theater - Rites and Myths (Ana Maria Amaral); Besides Bunraku - The Incredible Variety of Japanese Puppetry (Nancy L. Staub); Traditional Puppets in Belgium (Freek Neirynck, translated by Stefan Bauwens); Gilgamesh and The Golem - Two Experiments with Puppetry, Folklore and Myth (Bradford Clark); The Puppetness of Commedia dell'arte - A Comic Example called The Bogus Bride (James Fisher); Puppetry As the Tool of Sociality - The Emergence of an Art Form (G. A. Lane); A Survey of Victorian Marionettists (John Phillips); Interview with Josef Kroftka of Drak Theater, June 1995 (Nancy Bishop); Figures in Motion - A Treatise (Willem F. Wanrooy); Video Review - Brother Bread, Sister Puppet (James Fisher); Book Review - Masters, Disciples, and the Art of the Bunraku Puppeteer's Performance (Nancy L. Staub).

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