THE LIFE HISTORIES OF FIVE CONTEMPORARY WELSH WOMEN ARTISTS: The Interweaving of Art into Living and Living into Art

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Collet examines how various women artists have contributed to the artistic and cultural identity of Wales. Often overlooked, these female artists have played an enormous role but have rarely been given credit for their achievements. She notes that there is a growing literature on the topic of women in art that claims women were not always excluded from artistic representation, but that this is a recent development. Also, the book discusses problems women face that impede or contribute to their artistic drive like motherhood and family responsibilities.


“The originality of this book is that, not only does it redress the neglect of art historians (significant as that achievement may be), it practices what it preaches: this is a book made by women (assembled from their voice-texts); it conveys beauty.”

-Prof. Sue Gillett,
La Trobe University

"Every little bit researchers chip away from existing scholarly narratives adds to the filling of the lacuna in women’s history and lives. Dr. Collet’s marrying of gender and national identity is an original way of illuminating the lives of these women artists."

- Dr. Janina Trotman,
University of Western Australia

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Sue Gillett

Chapter One: Introduction
Women’s visual culture traditions
The women artists

Chapter Two: The Research Approach
Artists’ biographies
Life history methodology
My position

Chapter Three: Mary Lloyd Jones

Chapter Four: Claudia Williams

Chapter Five: Shani Rhys James

Chapter Six: Textile Artists
Part One – Weaver, Kathy Williams
Part Two – Designer, Laura Ashley

Chapter Seven: Discussion and Conclusions
Current Issues
Welsh Identity
The Art/Craft Divide

Life History Themes
Within a Home
Making a Career in Art: Exhibiting and critical recognition
Welsh Identity
Working in Wales and International Influences
Postmodernity and the Art/Craft Divide

Index: General
Proper Names

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