THE JIXIA ACADEMY AND THE BIRTH OF HIGHER LEARNING: A Comparison of Fourth-Century BC Chinese Education

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The Jixia Academy was a forum for strident debates among the Hundred Schools of Thought in ancient China and a dynamo of philosophical innovation equal to its counterparts in ancient Greece. It serves as well as an abstract ideal for a contemporary critique of Chinese higher education and a model for correcting the excesses of state control.


“. . . offers an ambitious portrait of China's earliest academy of higher learning and captures its significance as both an educational and political center.” -Zhang Boshu

“[The author] adroitly weaves his contentions about the inherently polemical atmosphere of Jixia and its integration of moral and political aims into his comprehensive account of the origins of higher learning in the Western Zhou dynasty. . .” -Prof. Guilan Wang, Roger Williams University

"Harnett's book deserves a careful reading by educators who wish to go deeply into the treasures of Chinese educational thought, and gain a nuanced understanding of Confucian ideas of learning and teaching ... This book has the potential to become a classic in comparative education." -- Prof. Ruth Hayhoe, University of Toronto

" ... a book that is unique and indispensable. ... it may become a classic." - Prof. Simon Marginson, University of London

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