THE BAGDAD CHASE MINE AND ITS LUDLOW & SOUTHERN RAILWAY: The Quest for Gold in California’s Mojave Desert

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This is the most comprehensive study of the Bagdad Chase Mine and its Ludlow & Southern Railway, drawing on many unpublished primary and secondary sources. This book contains twenty-six black and white photographs.


“[The author’s] superb presentation recaptures the essence of the gold mining era of the Old West.” – Prof. George Rodda, Jr., Touro University

“. . . a fascinating history of one of the lesser known mining areas of California.” – Prof. George G. Gibson, Union College

“. . . highlights the interplay between politics, water resources, mineral exploitation, and economic interests.”– Prof. Ruth E. Burke, California State University

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Preface by Dr. George Rodda, Jr.
1. Gold to the Bullion Mountains
2. Inexpensive Ludlow & Southern Transportation
3. Communities Served by Ludlow & Southern
4. Active Years at Bagdad Chase
5. The Declining Years
6. The Demise of Ludlow & Southern
7. About Played Out
8. The Eternal Hope
9. Appendices
a. Appendix I: The Bagdad Chase Property Portfolio
b. Appendix II: Stedman Postmasters
c. Appendix III: Ludlow Postmasters
d. Appendix IV: Bagdad Chase Mine Estimated Gold Production
e. Appendix V: Ownership of the Bagdad Chase Mine

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