Sudanese-Arab Writer Tayeb Salih: A Study of His Journals, Short Stories, and Novels

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Work embodies a critical collection of the works of Sudanese-Arab writer and author Tayeb Salih. A literary tribute that reflects on the roots and soul of a people and their consciousness through critical essays and insightful reflections contained in group interviews with the acclaimed author during his life.


“Tayeb Salih is one of the world’s top novelists who was modest, wise and brave, and carried the essence of Sudanese culture outside of its borders.”
-Prof. Carolyn Fluher-Lobban,
Rhode Island College

“A powerful story by Arab-African novelist, al-Tayeb Salih…a daring detailed and evocative work… Superbly edited by Tayeb’s friend Dr. Constance Berkley.”
-Prof. Bob Butler,
Lane College

Table of Contents

Commendatory Foreword by
Professor Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban

Tayeb Salih’s Opus
Notes on Contributors

-A Voice from the West, C.E. Berkley 1
-A Tribute to Tayeb Salih, Mohammed Bin Issa
-Tayeb Salih: An Introduction, Issa J. Boullata
I. The Sudan in Africa, C.E. Berkley
II. Journalistic Views

-On the Path with Tayeb Salih, Talha Jibril
-In My Own Way I Have Tried to Create an Illiad
Hasuana al-Misbahi
-Tayeb Salih Speaks, I: An Interview with Tayeb Salih, Amina Sabri
-Tayeb Salih Speaks, II: Dialogue about Everything with Tayeb Salih, Laila as-Sal’ih
-Tayeb Salih Speaks II: The Writings of Tayeb Salih between Myth and Reality, Laila as-Sal’ih
-Tayeb Salih Speaks, IV: A Dialogue with Tayeb Salih, Eissa al-Hilou
-Tayeb Salih and Salah Ahmed Ibrahim: Interpretation, Ahmed al-Amin al-Bashir
III. The Short Stories

-Artistry in al-Tayeb Salih’s Short Stories, C.E. Berkley
-The Cypriot Man, Tayeb Salih
IV. The Novels

-The Choice of Zein the Fool, C.E. Berkley
-Tayeb Salih and Islam, A.A. Abbas
-Time as a Political Character in Season of Migration To the North, C.E. Berkley
-Attainment of harmony through Love, M.I. Al-Shoush
-A Selected Bibliography
, Mahgoub El-Tigani Mahmoud
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