Development of Intellectual Property Protection in the Arab World

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This monograph is one of few resources concerned with the rise and expansion of the TRIPS (trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights)phenomenon and the roles played in the process by United States and the European Union.


“After reading this book I concluded that we need more like it. It is important to look at regional impacts of the globalization of intellectual property rights and to understand the ways in which the institution of intellectual property represents the echoes of empire power in developing countries.” – Prof. Peter Drahos, Australian National University

“. . . El Said offers a fascinating analysis . . . a fine contribution to the literature.” – Prof. Susan K. Sell, George Washington University

“. . .identifies provocative new issues. . .”- Prof. Raj Bhala, University of Kansas School of Law

“. . . alerts the reader to the actual scope of modern imperialism and its potential dangers . . .” - Prof. Nick Johns, University of Plymouth

Table of Contents

Abbreviations and Acronyms
List of Tables
Foreword by Prof. Peter Drahos
1. Introduction
2. Intellectual Property: Nature and Characteristics
3. The Evolution of Intellectual Property Protection into the International Arena
4. From TRIPS-Minus to TRIPs-Plus: Bilateralism, Regionalism and Multilateralism in the Making of Modern Intellectual Property Protection
5. The Challenges and Transformation from TRIPS-Minus to TRIPs-Plus
6. The Jordanian TRIPS-Plus Regime: Evolution and Development
7. Conclusion

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