Study of B. Traven's Fiction. The Journey to Solipaz

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This is the only comprehensive literary study of Traven's work. It concentrates on Traven's major works of fiction published in English, which various critics have compared to those of Melville, Conrad, Hemingway and other great writers. Treats The Death Ship, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Bridge in the Jungle, The Cotton-Pickers, The White Rose, and the "Jungle Novels", along with the short stories "The Night Visitor" and "Macario".


". . . Mezo's book-length study is the first since the 1970s to sidestep completely the thorny issue of Traven's identity and demonstrate convincingly that he had well-defined aesthetic theories, which he fully developed in certain works. . . . In the major works he shows that Traven borrowed motifs from Dante and Shakespeare and that his protagonists are victims of a mechanistic society where "explanations and analyses" are emphasized over human concerns. . . . Highly recommended. Undergraduate; graduate; faculty." - Choice

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