Literary Structures, Character Development, and Dramaturgical Scenarios in Framing the Category Novel

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“This book is about the putting together of stories, and Robert St. Clair is eminently qualified to teach us. A distinguished linguist, St. Clair is among those enlightened scholars whose interests range widely within (and even beyond) his area of specialty. He is generous in his interests, and vehemently democratic: he addresses what we all know and some of us will not admit – that the bias in the university against category fiction is in large part a class prejudice – and he goes on past mistrust and blame to address a marginalized subject with the attention (and the kinds of attention) it deserves.” – Michael L. Williams

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface, Acknowledgements
1. Framing Literary Events
2. Developing Plot Structures
3. Character Development
4. Moving the Plot
5. The Romance Plot
6. The Mystery Novel
7. The Western Novel
8. The Science Fiction Novel
9. Conclusions

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