Struggle and Survival of the Pre-Roman Languages of the Iberian Peninsula

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This work provides an overview of the Pre-Roman languages. It compares theories presented by researchers in the field of the historical sociology of language, and reviews current theories about the Iberian, Tartessian, Basque, and Indo-European language families.


“This is a well researched work that offers a panoramic view of the Pre-Roman languages and, at the same time, applies today’s historical knowledge and perspectives. It accounts for sociolinguistic phenomena such as diglossia, nationalism and governing styles to explain dynamics about the interrelationships of the Pre-Roman languages of the Iberian Peninsula. As such, this book makes an important contribution to its field.” – Joaquín Rodríguez-Barberá

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface; Introduction
1. Pre-historic times; Tartessian; Iberians; Phoenicians
2. Indo-Europeans; Urnenfield; Pre-Celtic groups; Celtiberians; Celts; Greeks
3. The Basque; Basque and Caucasian Languages; Basque-Iberian; Basque and Spanish
Works Cited; Index

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