Strategic Calculations and the Admission of New States Into the Union, 1789-1960. Congress and the Politics of Statehood

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Examines the political party and balance of power and policy considerations behind each state’s admission to the Union.


“. . . provides a sophisticated and analytically rigorous examination of the strategies and politics surrounding these decisions. . . . a compelling work of scholarship, grounded in rigorous analysis and a powerful command of U.S. history, with much to offer to students of American political history who seek to better understand the role of statehood decisions in the evolution of the American Republic.” - Prof. Marc Allen Eisner, Wesleyan University

“Scholars will find the detailed Congressional roll call information a rich source of information a rich source of information illustrating the debates, divisions, and coalitions that shaped the growth of the U.S. for nearly two centuries.” – Prof. David R. Shock, Kennesaw State University

“. . . a unique and important contribution to our understanding of a neglected issue of state admission, and connects this issue of larger considerations of democratic governance and political science.” - Prof. Michael D. Layton, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de Mexico

Table of Contents

Foreword by Marc Allen
1. The Constitutional Context: The Convention, the Constitution and the Courts
2. Statehood’s Imperatives
3. Statehood and the Fateful Compromise: Slavery, Territorial Expansion and the Preservation of the Union
4. Expanding National Party Coalitions
5. Party Coalitions and Policy Outcomes
Conclusion Statehood and the Democratic Experiment
Prefatory Note
Appendix C2-1: Statutory Sources
Appendix C2-1: Elapsed Time from Territory to Statehood
Appendix C2-3: Illustrative Roll Calls
Appendix C3-1: Slavery, Territorial Expansion and Statehood
Appendix C3-2: Party Competition and Northern Support for the South
Appendix C4-1: The Presidency and Congress (1861-1961)
Appendix C4-2: Expanding National Party Coalitions
Appendix C5-1: Partisan and Intra-Party Conflict on Major Policy Initiatives
Selected Bibliography

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