Spiritual and Ethical Dimensions of Children’s Literature

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This study argues that children’s literature has a pronounced rhetoric which can be perceived as forming dichotomies within each of the eight classic genres of the field. Each chapter explores central dichotomies within a genre found in several important texts of that genre. Genres are: Science Fiction; Historical Fiction; Survival Fiction; Ethnic Fiction; Fantasy; Mystery; Contemporary Realism; Animal Stories.

“. . . contributes significantly to theory and scholarship in the field of children’s and young adult literature. . . . Milner’s construct is thoughtfully and precisely developed. . . . it is undeniably a most valuable resource for academics and teachers alike.” – Wendy K. Sutton

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. Science Fiction: Meliorists and Spenglerians
2. Historical Fiction: Heroic and Iconoclastic
3. Survival Fiction: Sustaining and Subversive
4. Ethnic Fiction: Moral Consciousness and Ethnic Awareness
5. Fantasy: Humanist and Religious
6. Mystery: Resolved and Confounding
7. Contemporary Realism: Therapeutic and Emblematic
8. Animal Stories: Platonic and Darwinian
9. Bringing Things Together
10. So What: Seven Pedagogical Claims
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