How Shakespeare is Presented to Children: A Review of Methods Used to Incorporate the Bard into the Canon of Children’s Literature

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Examines children’s books about Shakespeare, his time and his characters in the light of changing ideas about childhood as well as changes in the experiences of the children who read the various versions of Shakespeare available to them in adaptations, fiction and non-fiction.


"Dr. Sally Sugarman has cross disciplinary interests and brings her interdisciplinary background in the humanities and arts to her scholarship on children’s literature and culture. In this book , her background in theatre (and in detective novels) offers a wonderful perspective on a consideration of Shakespeare for children…[it] presents a thoroughly researched overview of numerous categories of books on Shakespeare and the important adaptations of his works for children at different age levels.”
-Dr. Harry Eiss,
Eastern Michigan University

“An informative and thoroughly delightful read. Highly recommended for parents, educators, and Shakespeare fans of all ages…Sugarman emphasizes that kids learn best not when they are directly instructed, but when they are engaged, intrigued, and empowered – and with that in mind, she provides compelling resources for a wide range of ages, learning styles, and enthusiasms.”
-Dr. Rebecca Rupp,
Author and Consultant

“Sugarman has provided an extensive, thought-provoking analysis of Shakespeare’s relationship with children and teens. The extensive bibliography, divided into categories, attests to the richness of the subject matter. Her unique vision of the field gives her work a valuable perspective. It will be of use to teachers at all levels of education courses.”
-Fred Isaac,
Historian, Author and Archivist

Table of Contents


1. Setting The Stage
2. Retelling Shakespeare
3. Visualizations of Shakespeare
4. In Shakespeare’s Time
5. Shakespeare Through Time and Space
6. Reworking Shakespeare
7. Shakespeare Updated
8. Shakespearean Mysteries
9. Performing Shakespeare
10. Children and Shakespeare
Appendix I
Appendix II

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