Spanish Women Poets of the Generation of 1927

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The Generation of 1927 will be remembered as one of the most important literary periods in Spain during the 20th century. Few scholars, critics, and students know that there were also women publishing their work at that time. This group published more than any previous generation. An introduction sets the poets in context with the better-known male poets of the generation. Poets include: Pilar de Valderrama; Elisabeth Mulder; Rosa Chacel; Josefina de la Torre
Concha Méndez; and Ernestina de Champourcin.


"Adding another study to the ever-growing literature on Hispanic women writers, Cole (Coastal Carolina Univ.) brings to light a group of little-known Spanish women poets of the Generation of 1927. Often referred to as Spain's second siglo de oro, the group includes "more published women poets and writers than any previous generation." The nine chapters that make up this volume include an introduction, a general discussion of the poets, discussions dedicated to each poet, and a conclusion. As the verses included in the book reveal, these were talented, engaging, vibrant, intuitive women who presumed to walk where few women had dared. More important, despite familiar and societal opposition they persisted in their writing-- producing poetry that unequivocally merits their inclusion in the Spanish literary canon ... the volume is worthwhile for bringing these poets to the reader's attention. Graduate students, researchers, faculty." - CHOICE

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