Five Plays in Translation From Contemporary Mexican Theater a New Golden Age

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This anthology features recent Mexican theater by several of the best contemporary playwrights, showcasing the eclecticism that characterizes recent theater. The volume includes brief biographies and interviews with each playwright.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Prologue by George Woodyard; Introduction
Marcela del Rio; Interview with Marcela del Rio; On the Way to the Concert (translated by Juan Bruce-Novoa and Marcela del Rio)
Carlos Olmos; Interview with Carlos Olmos; The Dandy of the Savoy (translated by Lorna Scott Fox)
Eduardo Rodríguez Solís; Interview with Eduardo Rodríguez Solís; Soldiers Will Be Soldiers (translated by William Bryant)
Pablo Salinas; Interview with Pablo Salinas: Picture Perfect (translated by Raúl Moncada)
Tomás Urtusástegui; On My Plays and Mexican Theater; Limited Capacity (translated by Raúl Moncada)
Maruxa Vilalta; On Maruxa Vilalta; A Voice in the Wilderness (translated by Edward Huberman)

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