Songs for My God

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". . . this is no conventional 'religious poetry.' Glick has violated all our expectations of that genre, and with courage and precision, he has overcome the liabilities of stereotyping. . . . this poetry is tough-minded about critical issues that require serious intellectual reflection. Glick refuses to pander. His words require hard, sustained work to hear what is going on. . . . skillful with image and juxtaposition, so that 'revealing the concealed' lets this poetry jolt with disclosure that qualifies in more pious rhetoric as 'revelation'. Third, this poetry is uncompromising about biblical faith. This poetry is not for the illiterate. . . . these poems advocate a fresh interface that may permit gasps of recognition, new hunches to which to cling, and resolves of courage." - Walter Brueggemann

"In this man’s poetry we encounter a strictly Christian poetry which can be difficult of access because it is heartfelt and mindfelt by a fellow who possesses a superior heart and a superior mind, apparently well-behaved attributes, and it is real." Mandrake Poetry Review

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