Social Organization of the Modern Prison

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This work is an effort at understanding the various structural and organizational elements of the modern prison. The various elements of criminal justice policy and administrative s are synthesized with the emerging roles, ideologies and patterns of interactions within the modern correctional settings. Formal and informal systems of interaction are examined and analyzed with an emphasis on emerging trends of prison social organization. There are also important implications for criminal justice policy and research. It contains a lengthy overview of prison literature and a theoretical approach that is logical, consistent and easy to follow, including detailed and lengthy interactions with both correctional personnel and inmate population. The book is designed to serve a diverse audience. Its benefit is paramount to scholars of criminal justice, a field which is often hidden in thickets of ideology and rhetoric. This straightforward depiction attempts to undo the myths and misperceptions about the social structure of a penal institute.


"Finally someone has taken an interest in prisons and how they function according to inmate subculture. This is an area sadly lacking in new works for the past 20-25 years except for a number of first hand accounts or more journalistic approaches to the issue. This text attempts to explain to the reader why prisons (at least Lorton) work, or fail to work, as they do. ...this book gives us a good look at one of the most ungovernable prisons in America." - Dr. James Houston, Grand Valley State University

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