Police Culture and the Marginally Performing Employee

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The culture of law enforcement organizations in the United States is modeled after a bureaucratic hierarchy. This envisions direction and leadership from the “top-down”. Traditionally, change does not come from the “bottom-up”. This study utilizes the Crawford Slip Method, which allowed for “Mass Interviewing and the Marshalling of Ideas to Improve Performance”. The methodology allowed this study to look at the issues of marginal employees from the lens of some of the most effected individuals, the non-management officers. Their insight provides some interesting revelations concerning their perceptions of marginal employees, supervisors and their organizations.


“Dr. Vincent Wincelowicz pierced a neuralgic nerve in documenting and dealing with the marginally performing employee in police work……In completing this significant book, [he] has drawn upon many years as an FBI agent and as a police trainer, the latter for police jurisdictions throughout the U.S.” – Gilbert B. Siegel, Ph.D.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. Statement of the Research Problem
2. Review of the Literature
3. The Police Culture and the Marginally Performing Employee
4. Methodology
5. Discussion, buzz sessions vignettes and chapter conclusions
6. Conclusions, recommendations for future study and epilogue

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