Social Consequences of Methamphetamine Use

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Analyzes the pharmacological effects, situational contexts and processual dynamics of methamphetamine use, distribution, and violence, using interviews. Evidence supports previous research that suggests continuity from youth aggression to adult violence. Findings indicate that long-term influences – family, psychological/personality, and peer factors lead to the development of fairly stable, slowly changing differences between individuals in their potential for violence.


“Overall, Sommers and Baskin provide a rich and thoughtful analysis of men and women who use methamphetamine. Their study richly describes the lives of methamphetamine users and the methamphetamine-violence relationship. Using the research subjects’ own words as their guide, Sommers and Baskin have produced a significant addition to the literature on drug abuse.” – Alberto Mata, University of Oklahoma

Table of Contents

1. Methamphetamine: A Brief Overview
2. Substance Abuse and Violent Behavior
3. Research Methods
4. Description of the Sample
5. Getting into Methamphetamine
6. Methamphetamine Use and Violence
7. The Social Context of Methamphetamine
8. Violence
9. Conclusions

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